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Roller Derby: breaking bones and healing hearts

14 Aug 2023 10:59 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Title: The Jammer

Author: Nova Weetman

Reviewer: Rhonda Bruce

Audience: Middle Grade

"And I heard the wire door, banging my way outside to the hot summer night and no more conversations about the derby. Behind me, I hear quiet whispery voices like everyone is trying to work out how to deal with me. And everything hurts like I've taken a bad fall on wheels." (Page 68)

Fred is a twelve-year old  whose name was chosen by her Dereby-mad Mum to rhyme with her derby name, Fred the Dead. Fred lives and breathes derby and started skating as soon as she could walk. Her derby roller kit is now at the bottom of the Brisbane River. Fred is struggling with major changes in her life including grief, growing up, relationships and belonging. 

This is a book that handles coping with grief in a sensitive way and the tumultuous changes that can occur in life.

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