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A History of SLANSW

The Association was formed in April, 1964 as the School Library Association of New South Wales (SLANSW) with founding President John Hirst. The focus of the Association was to provide a professional organisation for all people engaged or interested in school libraries. The Association changed its name to the Australian School Library Association (New South Wales) Inc. in 1995.  Its vision was to promote, maintain, and sustain the central role of school libraries and its professional staff in improving student achievement. Its mission promotes the learning and teaching of young people through inquiry-based constructivist strategies that integrate digital and traditional learning resources.

In November 2011, in an effort to focus attention on the association as a state-wide independent professional body, the association changed its name to School Library Association of New South Wales (SLANSW) Incorporated.


1964: John Hirst  
1965 - 1968: Geoffrey Atkinson, R Hobart, Don Bray, E Murray and J Buckley shared terms as President.  
1971 - 1985: Daphne Clark, Keith Graham, Daphne Hone, Dot Hoy, Jackie Turner, Dianne Piedmont, and Margaret Lawther shared terms as President.  
1986 - 1988: Peg Craddock
1988 - 1992: June Wall  
1993 - 1995: Jan Radford 
1996 - 1998: Terry Bruce
1999: June Wall
2000 - 2002: Roy Crotty
2002-2004:  Victor Davidson 
2005: Roy Crotty, Jill Ball 
2006 - 2008: June Wall  
​2009: Roy Crotty
2010 - 2011: Ken Brock
2012 - 2013: William Sommerville
2014 - 2017: Michelle Jensen
2018 - 2023: Di Laycock
2023 - current: Karen Seeneevassen

Life Members

A Life Membership is bestowed on those members who have demonstrated sustained commitment to improving the Association and its mission through their  voluntary work for the association.  
Life Members include (in alphabetical order):  Jill Ball, Ken Brock, Peg Craddock, Roy Crotty, Lyn Hay, Daphne Hone, Dot Hoy, Margaret Lawther, John H Lee, Bill Sommerville, June Wall.

Decades of research shows that school libraries make a difference in the lives of young people. We continue to support teacher librarians and library staff to equip our students to become digital citizens and lifelong learners.

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