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  • Special Interest Group - Research "Planning for Action: Evidence-based projects ideas for 2022”

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Special Interest Group - Research "Planning for Action: Evidence-based projects ideas for 2022”

  • 24 Nov 2021
  • 7:30 PM - 8:30 PM
  • Online via SLANSW Zoom room
  • 65


  • SLANSW members can attend this online meet-up for free

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Planning for Action: Evidence-based projects ideas for 2022

At the Research SIG’s October meeting, participants were introduced to ways practitioner research can help turn your educational hunches into evidence-based practice and how to use that evidence to support your library’s services and resources.

Participants shared ideas about evidence-based projects they would like to explore in the future, and to help people start to consolidate an idea into a tangible action for 2022, participants were tasked with identifying one project topic and then having a go at developing their project idea into a research question using either of the following formats:

  • What is the effect of [the change you make] on [the thing you want to change] in [the participants in your research]?
    e.g., “What is the effect of genrefying the fiction collection on reading engagement in Year 7 students?”

  • How can [your change] + [an appropriate verb] + [the thing you want to improve] in [your participants]?
    e.g., “How can genrefying the fiction collection improve/enhance/encourage reading engagement in Year 7 students?”

So, we are now seeking volunteers to share their project idea and research question with participants at this November meeting. This is a great opportunity for people to ask questions about their project idea and receive feedback from others about their research question.

How do I contribute as a presenter?

  • Create one PPT slide (please set your slide size to Widescreen 16:9 and include your name in the bottom right corner of the slide)
  • On your slide include:

* your research question as the heading

* when you will implement your project (e.g. Terms 1-2, 2022)

* no more than 2-3 bullet points (using large font) describing what you want to achieve by undertaking this project

* an image to illustrate your project idea (optional)

  • And on the night of Wednesday 24 November between 7.30-8.30pm, be prepared to speak about your slide when it is shown on the screen

How do I participate?

All SLANSW members are welcome to attend this Research SIG meeting.

Bring your preferred drink and nibbles along at 7.30 pm to get some ideas or provide feedback to those sharing their research question.

You must register to ensure you are sent the Zoom login details within 24 hours before your session.

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