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  • 3 Aug 2020 2:50 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Pooja Mathur is a Teacher Librarian, Reading Club Coordinator and member of the Well-being team at The King's School. She is an active member of the Management Committee of the School Library Association of NSW and holds a position on the Publications and Promotions Sub-Committee.  Pooja is passionate about promoting reading for pleasure amongst students, staff and wider school community.

    The spotlight of this Online Meetup will be on migrant and refugee stories - a brief foray into the emergence of home-grown authors giving voice to their own experiences including what motivated them, and what they aim to achieve. A carefully curated list of relevant contemporary titles will be discussed and, to sweeten up the deal, their connection to NESA (NSW Education Standards Authority) and Australian Curriculum’s General Capabilities will be highlighted.

    To explore more about our online meetup or to register, please visit https://www.slansw.net.au/event-3898681

  • 20 Jul 2020 4:31 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Information Literacy in Reading Fiction

    Dr Mary Ann Harlan is the Teacher Librarian Coordinator and an Assistant Professor at the School of Information at San Jose State University, California. She completed her PhD in 2012 in the San Jose State/QUT Gateway Program after completing research on the information practices of teens who create and share content online. Since then she has been researching how fiction provides information to teens – including representations of girlhood in YA fiction, and the information practices of teens reading fiction. Prior to entering the PhD program, she was a middle and high school (ages 12-18) school librarian. She has been an active presenter and writer around similar topics since 2000. Her most recent title is an examination of feminist Young Adult titles: The Girl-Positive Library: Inspiring Confidence, Creativity, and Curiosity in Young Women.

    Often reading fiction is seen as ‘school work’, and the power of story to provide us with information is not a connection that is clearly made. This presentation will explore why this might be and how to challenge assumptions regarding information, how to engage with reading a story as a site of learning not of facts per se but of one’s self and our world. It will explore the embodied experience of reading, valuing emotional and affective actions as information.

    To explore more about our International Speaker Series or to register, please visit https://slansw.net.au/event-3850447

  • 20 Jul 2020 11:26 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Pooja Mathur, a teacher librarian in The King’s Senior Library, shares the successes she is having with her community of student readers. Pooja discusses advertising the reading club to the incoming year 7 cohort, the tactics employed to attract just the right number of avid readers, and highlights opportunities to promote the engaging voices of her students. She also considers the impact of COVID-19 on the Reading Club and provides links to the newsletters she has prepared while the club continues in the online space. 

    Two questions for you to respond to on the full blog post in the Members’ Portal:

    • How did the pandemic affect your library’s book/ reading club activities?
    • Do you have a particular strategy to share that was effective in maintaining engagement in your student readers during this time?

    To read the full blog post and to respond to the questions posed by Pooja, click here and login to your Member Portal.

  • 29 Jun 2020 10:19 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    On Saturday, 20 June, Dr. Ross Todd presented the first session in the International Speaker Series, Young People Living Safe Lives in Online Environments: Convergence, Challenges, and Chances for Teacher Librarians.  It was an engaging and thought-provoking presentation, asking us to re-think approaches to internet safety from top-down polices that might not include the thoughts of students, to empowerment. Participants worked in groups to brainstorm ideas for facilitating independence and resilience in students.  What is your approach to digital safety for your students? Have your say.

    To read the full blog post and to respond to some questions posed by Lee FitzGerald, click here and login to your Member Portal.

  • 24 Jun 2020 6:27 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    As a service to SLANSW members, there is now a curated list of special offers available to members. These are offered by SLANSW Partners and include free or discounted rates for professional learning, resources or services. Login to the Member Portal to access the full list 'Member Offers for 2020'  or click here and sign in when prompted. 

  • 22 Jun 2020 10:45 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    #Litfest2444: Pen Paper Pixels moves from a face-to-face event to a digital platform.

    One of the impacts of the 2020 COVID-19 situation was that festivals and large gatherings could not go ahead due to strict social distancing rules. #Litfest2444: Pen Paper Pixels, a festival of story in different forms and mediums was due to deliver its 4th annual experience as a face-to-face event in Port Macquarie on the Mid North Coast of NSW in June. Organisers adapted the program to operate on a smaller scale in a digital environment, free to all to access. Sessions will remain free and accessible.

    To read the full blog post and to respond to some questions posed by Karen, click here and login to your Member Portal. 

  • 10 Jun 2020 6:56 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Lee FitzGerald, member of the SLANSW Management Committee, is first to venture into our brand new blog with a round up of trends arising from the COVID-19 lockdown. She demonstrates what we already know – there are inequities in the provision of digital resources between education systems in NSW, and that Teacher Librarians who most successfully supported the move to online learning during the lockdown already had a culture of collaboration in their schools.   Read what TLs have been doing during the shutdown, and some Australian and international suggestions for re-opening the library safely and effectively.  To read the full blog post and to respond to some questions posed by Lee, click here and login to your Member Portal. 

  • 4 Jun 2020 1:00 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    We are pleased to announce revised eligibility criteria for institutional members to access the SLANSW Referencing Generator for free.

    There are a number of free referencing generators available to assist students to appropriately acknowledge information sources. That said, many such tools come with a heavy advertising component. We are delighted to be able to continue to offer CiteMaker to schools in which our members work.

    Michael Hargreaves from Citemaker has generously agreed to continue the provision of our free-of-charge SLANSW branded referencing generator service for schools who are institutional members for the coming membership year (1 July 2020 - 30 June 2021).

    This offer is available for schools charging less than $5,000 annual tuition fees and Michael has now extended the eligibility criteria to include member schools with less than 1,100 Year 7 - 12 students.


    Eligible schools who register their interest in gaining access to SLANSW's CiteMaker will be provided with their own unique URL (as is provided for paid subscriptions).

    This free SLANSW branded version of CiteMaker does differ from the full subscription version in that:

    • A choice of either APA7, APA6, or Harvard (Australia) styles are offered;

    • Citations are export-only (so students do not have the option to save their citations to the myCites database, as per the paid version);
    • ISBN search and automatic citation generation will be limited to Google searches and WorldCat is not included; and
    • Because students cannot save citations, the CiteNotes function for taking notes is not included.

    That said, the SLANSW version of CiteMaker does have full citation generation capabilities which includes access on multiple platforms, including tablets and smartphones.

    If your school meets the above eligibility criteria, please submit an expression of interest to Karen Bale at info@slansw.net.au and include ‘CiteMaker’ in the subject line.

  • 29 May 2020 11:19 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
    International Speaker Series Professional Learning Package

    20 June, 25 July, 22 August & 5 September, 2020

    A Professional Learning Package featuring:

    Ross Todd, Mary Ann Harlan, Anita Brooks Kirkland & Dave Lankes  

    This professional learning package consists of a series of four online professional learning events featuring international guest speakers exploring a range of topical issues relevant to teacher librarians and teachers in 2020.

    Each session is being held on a Saturday morning from 9-11am, with each 2 hour session consisting of a one hour presentation with Q&A followed by one hour of practical workshop-style activities. Each 2 hour session will take place in SLANSW's Zoom conference room.

    To explore more about our International Speaker Series or to register;

     visit our event page

  • 16 May 2020 4:52 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Dr Di Laycock is Head of Information Services at The King’s School in Sydney. She also holds the position of President of the School Library Association of NSW. For many years, Di has been a passionate advocate for graphic novels in schools through presentations and publications both locally and overseas. Her doctoral research, completed in 2017, explored secondary English teachers’ experiences with graphic novels as classroom texts.

    A significant finding of Di’s doctoral research into secondary English teachers’ experiences with graphic novels, and one well-supported by the literature, was that participants recognised the educational value of graphic novels and were more than willing to use them in the classroom. 

    Di will highlight the nuances of the graphic novel metalanguage and, in doing so, empower attendees to lead and support the use of graphic novels as classroom texts.

    While Di will be using graphic novels that are targeted at secondary teachers/students, primary teacher librarians and teachers are encouraged to attend to gain an understanding of graphic novel metalanguage and how elements of graphic novels work to create meaning.

    To explore more about our online meetup or to register, please visit https://slansw.net.au/event-3819747 

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